The direction of Ultimate Adventure

Stéphane Aubree :
of French nationality , has created Ultimate Adventure in 1999. Having traveled in North America , the region of the Himalayas. He travels in Central Asia since 1996 and fell in love with the region. He creates your trips and manages a team of thirty people .


Smail Bourféguene :
is since 2002 in the UA team . His knowledge of the country – he lives for over 20 years – its relations with the Kyrgyz make a centerpiece of the structure . This is the person who will answer all your questions once you arrive in Bishkek . He is the technical director of the agency .


Aziz Dakinov :
Aziz is a rare person, a guide exception. Formed in our school guide there is now 6 years old, he became the reference guide our agency. He knows how to share the culture of their country – by his many contacts with local families, nomads … his kindness. Today Aziz joined the permanent staff of the agency. He is responsible for planning, our school guides.


took over from Tania . They were a good school ! 2 seasons since it manages the Guest House. Hospitality , preparing breakfast , rooms , it is little care of our customers. And always with a smile .
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Guides Agency:  Talant , Azamat , Aida , Salamat, Elvira, Tilek, Nourgeguit, Bagtigul, Clavdia  ….

Our guides, all local , have a good experience in the field . They will share their knowledge, their love for their little republic . They speak Kyrgyz , Russian, but also how the current French and / or English. Stéphane and Smail is responsible for the selection and in this area they require careful selection to ensure the quality of supervision .
These kids have all followed four months of training ( : of mountain leader ) within the UA school established in 2002. It is the quality of work of our guides that makes our customers happy returns of his stay.

Azamat Kourmanaliev
– One of the most experienced ( over 10 years in our agency ) , he put his foot in almost all corners of the country. Always cheerful , smiling. He shares his passion for his country during his stays frames . He was part of the organizing team of the Raid Gauloise in Kyrgyzstan. Travel discoveries are its strengths. Participates in training new guides …


Talant Charchenov :
An exceptional guide, one of the first guides trained in the school of guides in Ultimate Adventure. He knows how to share the culture of his country , a good rider and knows horses as his fingers … He Participated in the organization of Raid Gauloise in 2003. Sharing his experience with new young guides … Manages the UCPA groups for over 6 years.



Bagtigul :
Bagtigul , always smiling and very active. She built the team there for 3 years now and gives full satisfaction to groups it supervises. Finished the season resumed her teaching French at the National University in Bishkek .


Sergei Primotchenko :
Sergei belongs to the class of 2006 . He leaves the school principal for the summer to guide our groups. Always in a good mood ( he mastered the French language to perfection ) , he can manage groups masterfully to their a pleasant stay in Kyrgyzstan .

Elvira Tchoigaraeva :
a flower in the garden companions , his blue eyes, sincere smile will remind you the most beautiful love story of a girl from the Kyrgyz people, ” Jamila ” . Motivated by her work, she shares the Kyrgyz Culture …

Salamat Kerimbekov :
belongs to the class of 2010 , assistant guide summer 2011 , he assured his groups this 2012 season. Costal and athletic, he during his first season gained a lot of experience . It feels good in the mountains and enjoys sharing his knowledge .

Aida Oussoupova :
become a friend on the first day of meeting its many contacts with local families, nomads and kindness she puts you into the atmosphere of the traditional Kyrgyz life … Motivates and encourages girls guide .


Clavdia Solonina :
” mother theresa ” Ultimate Adventure , a real mother hen will take care of every customer as if they were his children2.



 Laylo is in our agency in the last 2 years. She had more than 10 years in the Turism field and have a big experience with the groups.  She knew every corner of Kyrgyzstan. She is also teaching at our guide school.

Its name means descendant of Tchinguizhan , was born at Lake Issyk Kul ( in a small village Tilekmat ) 31 years , the mountain is its element , it is close to the culture of nomads, loves horses , always smiling, a guide ‘ experience (5 years)

Sergei Sergei:
5 years in the agency a good guide. A polyvalent guide, trekking, horse riding, discovery …
a real professional.


Tilek Rahmatov
THANKS A Man ( meaning of his name ) always in full fitness enthusiast trek , a native of northern countries in the region Issyk -Ata . Assistant during the 2012 season, he will oversee the groups the year 2013.

 Aiperi Bourkanova,

She foolow thé school guide session 2013. Close to thé nature, she like to explore her contre and share thé traditions of the local people.  Always smiling, she garanties a great atmophere in the groups.

Victor Stoukalov-
25 years old, student of our guide school  in 2010, new trip leader , after to have guided like guide assistant for 2 seasons.  He has a reaIly good knowledge of thé mountain environment. He also like to ride mountain bike …  Its a passionnante of nature, mountains.  Actually Victor is following french class in our school, because actually he is more comfortable with his english.
Victor Stouklov
Raphael Bayazitov
The “young Yeti”, always relax, calm. He likes trekking, and discover new tracks in the Kirghiz Alatoo. With him, you ll feel serene anywhere. He worked in our agency for the last 4 years now.
Irina Zarojnaya
3 years in Ultimate Adventure.  Good guide for the discovery tour …  Aftyer the season she is teacher at the school in Bishkek. She is also teaching in our guide school.

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Our team would not be complete without the work of our cuistos , drivers. Each member organization has an important role. The cook should allow you to enjoy the local cuisine . They are all trained in the camp kitchen , dietetics . Our drivers pamper their vehicle so that you can travel safely and with maximum comfort on roads , trails by still in good condition! this is the least we can say .

Our cuistos :

36 years , cook ground of exception , a great experience on trek in the mountains of Terskey Ala -Too , a native of the region Kochkor connaist well Kyrgyz customs and of course the traditional, singer steppes ” pours the balm in the stomach. ”

As each woman Kyrgyz people, she loves to cook and share recipes with groups. Adapts to all conditions.

Native Naryn . area where we eat more meat (beef , lamb) . Love cooking for families and children2. She taught her cooking secrets .


a great sage of conduct. With physician education , he also likes to take care of his comfortable bus , listening to classical and traditional music helpful , very careful .

Konstantin –
On Slavic origin , his parents live in Germany. He remained in Kyrgyzstan , a country, a land that appreciates . He knows the roads and paths Kyrgyzstan , during his military service he drove military trucks . With a great sense of humor and very attentive .

he led on all tracks in the country. Strong personality , he loves to tell exciting stories …