Bichkek office:

Address: Ultimate Adventure Ltd

Kurienkeva 185 ( Serova 1)

720000, Bichkek


Mobile: +996 772 22 26 34 / +996 779 11 22 11
Phone : +996 312 67 11 83

Booking a trip:

  1. Subscription forms must be filled by the participant and sent by e-mail to Ultimate Adventure Ltd.
  2. Booking confirmation (including a bill for the total amount for the trip), our banking information and the amount of the required prepayment are sent by Ultimate Adventure Ltd.
  3. Prepayment of 20 to 30% of the total amount for the trip is to be sent by wire transfer to our banking account within 8 (eight) calendar days after reception of the booking confirmation. Failure to wire prepayment cancels the booking.
  4. Payment for the remaining amount must be provided on arrival in Kyrgyzstan in cash (Euros are preferred, contact us for other currencies).


Each traveller is required to respect police and health requirements for the duration of the stay.

In no way can Ultimate Adventure Ltd substitute itself to the individual’s responsability of obtaining all required travelling documents (passport, visa, appropriate vaccination and proof thereof…) during the whole duration of the trip, including while clearing customs and the country’s reglementation regarding exportation of objects, like carpets, antiquities… All practical information presented on our website is provided only for information purposes and in no manner can hold us responsible.

Failure to comply by any legal requirement, the incapacity of a participant to provide valid documents when leaving, any delay (even due to “force majeure” while transiting by air, railroad or road transport that we did not provide), only engage the participant’s responsibility that will have to face any consequence including any fee.

Insurance requirement:

In no way can Ultimate Adventure Ltd substitute or provide third-party liability insurance that each participant must own.

You will be asked upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan to show proof of your personal insurance (travelling and repatriation insurance).

Please carry a copy of your insurance contract (with contact information for your personal insurance), you are legally responsible to declare any liability to your insurance company (however, our guides and local agents can help you in this process).

Cancellation policy:

Client cancelling:

If you wish to cancel (for any reason) more than 30 days before departure, any prepayment will be fully refunded. Less than 30 days before departure, cancelling is possible but any prepayment will be kept by the agency.

Warning: If you wish to cancel your trip, you have to inform Ultimate Adventure as soon as possible (by e-mail or phone). If you are not present the day of departure, for any reason, no refund or reimbursement is possible. If your trip is stopped or shortened by the participant, for any reason, no refund or reimbursement is possible.

Ultimate Adventure cancelling:

Only for “group bookings”: more than 20 days before departure, Ultimate Adventure Ltd can cancel a trip if not enough participants have booked. The minimum number of participants of 4 (four) people has to be reached. If this number is not reached, Ultimate Adventure Ltd can offer a modified booking for a higher price (however, you are free to refuse this new offering and a complete reimbursement of any prepayment remains possible).

Last minute cancellation is possible if circumstances out of our control force us to do so (strikes, political unrest, security issues…). In this situation, options will be offered by our agency. In case of cancellation, complete reimbursement of any payment will be provided by Ultimate Adventure Ltd, but no indemnity can be awarded.

Moving the dates of a trip:

Would you wish to change the dates of your trip more than 21 days before departure, no fee will be incurred. Less than 21 days, any modification will be considered a cancellation and fees will incur, according to the cancellation policy.

Need more information before booking?

Our website provides information about our trips, would you need additional information about one of our trips, please contact us!

When to book?

It is recommended to book as soon as possible! By booking early, your plane tickets can be much cheaper.

It is recommended to book at least 3 (three) months before intended departure. However, our agency being local we can be flexible and satisfy shorter term requests.

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