Our commitment to responsible tourism

Nature imposes respect. Its landscape and people deserve our greatest attention.A through constant effort, Ultimate Adventure is committed to respect for the natural and cultural environment. We strive to never leave the footprint of our passages on the ground crossings all regions trying not to influence local populations with our Western habits. It is a way to participate in a sustainable and harmonious development of our Earth. We expect you to : Discuss with humility populations encountered, eg to avoid photographing people without their permission , or wear outfits that may seem challenging … Leave perfectly clean places traversés.Le adherence to these principles is the case of all , thank you to notify us of any matters that you consider contrary to the values ​​we stand for.
A commitment to sustainable development

Ultimate adventure, active supporter of sustainable development, is committed to the long term with local providers . We participate in vocational training teams .

Ultimate Adventure participates in the development of small local structures :

– Babuska Adoption Association (sponsorship to help with “great grandfathers and mothers with very little income)

– Association: The cooperative of women Kochkorka (development aid local crafts , museum … )

– Partnership with Kyrgyz families. Development of homestay . Training in hospitality , catering … Village Donarik , Chon Jargil Chak …

Cleaning the shores of Lake Son Kul each year for almost 5 years

– We participate in vocational training teams .
Creating a school guides in 2003. Since its inception over 70 young Kyrgyz were trained.

– A label ATR obtained with our partners.