Traveling with Ultimate Adventure
Ultimate Adventure in the approach of others, the desire of the world, need to go and want to discover are insatiable. We want to welcome and take those who travel know to be curious about the world and share the wonder of meeting others in their environment.

The spirit of Ultimate Adventure
Take the time to browse a region
Being curious about other cultures

Culture & Nature
Feed on the cultural environment of the region visited
Browse great wilderness

Respect people and the environment encountered

Quit habits

Starting with coaches and professional teams
Traveling with an organization of countries visited

Our strengths :
Recognized experience :

It has been over 13 years since Ultimate Adventure organizes stays in Kyrgyzstan and throughout the region .

– In 2002, the agency was chosen by the French agency Saga Adventure for organizing the Raid Gauloises . In June 2003 , we organized sporting event of international renown.

– Over the years, major French agencies have trusted us to organize their trips in Kyrgyzstan and throughout the region.

– September 2007: The Agency carries out the ” Summer 2008 ” of the clothing brand Lafuma catalog. Kyrgyzstan as part of the catalog.

– June 2007: we carry out in collaboration with the agency Club Adventure and Itinerary magazine , the Special Asia Unplugged Itinerary .

– June 2008 : Our agency is a partner of the expedition Paris – Beijing . Major international sporting event organized by the French Federation of cycling . 130 cyclists and more than 12 000 km traveled. Ultimate Adventure has occupied part of Central Asia . For more information see the website of the fédérationhttp :/ /

– Recognized by the Ministry of Tourism and Kyrgyz member organization KATO

Ultimate Adventure has a travel agent issued by the Ministry of the Kyrgyz tourism license ( license number : 24 – I 89 ) , our agency is also a member of the Association of Kyrgyz operator rounds .

Expert advice :
Depending on your choice of destination specialists ( Stéphane Smail Aziz ) answer your questions , you wondering about the cultural significance of a program, the difficulty of a circuit, the climate , the procedures or precautions health … A team that knows the terrain is here to answer you as soon as possible.

A range of holidays can satisfy all requests :

We selected a limited number of areas that we like and we know particularly well . On these few locations, we offer a full range in terms of activity, formula , comfort and durability , a variety of trips ranging from cultural discovery trekking large through raids on horseback, mountain bike , sidecar ….

 Original circuits :
We offer original circuits, off the beaten track and are exclusive. Each year, Stéphane and his team conduct reconnaissance to build new circuits.

Quality services :
On all of our tours , you will find quality services in the choice of coach, guide and companion throughout the team , and land transport , accommodation , equipment provided and food.

Restoring our agency remains a very important point. We know how important a good diet mountain role . Balanced meals , prepared by our varied cuistos . They have all followed a training diet , cooking camp …

On all of our adventure tour , trying Mass toilet tent , shower tent for maximum comfort . North Face tents , Ferrino 3 seats, comfortable for a good nights sleep mattress.

 Accompaniment :

The guide ( or guide) is the cornerstone of your trip . It will help you both in terms of “pure” management on the level of security which it is responsible . It is chosen for its ability , training , experience …

All our escorts have been trained in our school guide. Each guide has been trained – identical to that given in Europe to get the diploma mountain leader – nearly 4 months. Before being ” trip leader” future guide has been assistant so a good experience . Some more attracted by the mountains receive specific training in coaching high mountain .


Safety is our main goal , regardless of the activity , the terrain and level of difficulty of your trip. We provide each of our “Adventure” pharmacy programs adapted to the conditions of the trip. Our guides are trained in first aid and before each season make recycling. Our network of contacts allows us to evacuate people quickly across the country.

A commitment to respect the environment

Through constant efforts, Ultimate Adventure is committed to respect for the natural and cultural environment. We strive to never leave the footprint of our passages on the ground crossings all regions trying not to influence local populations with our Western habits. It is a way to participate in a sustainable and harmonious development of our Earth. Each guide will make every effort to achieve our goal .

A warm welcome in our Guest House ( Guest House )

Our guest house located 5 minutes from the town center is now finished and has a capacity of 25 people . Terraces, garden …. allow travelers to rest after a trek , a stay in our country. It is also a place where we can gather as much information about the country, mountains ….

Accommodation in Bishkek , safe and very friendly base .