yoga in the land of celestial mountains

Duration : 14 Days
Price: 1300 for 14 days
Our Dates and departures:
2 th July - 15 th July
Fiche Technique

Kyrgyzstan small mountainous country played an important role in the history of Central Asia. It was on the famous Silk Road.  The country inherited a wild and majestic nature. Only in this splendid environment steppes, high pastures lives semi-nomadic Kyrgyz herders around their yurt camps .

Xenia or Kalou , will introduce or complement your skills to the practice of Yoga in specially in selected sites. Attempt to discover the heart of oneself Peace and Harmony in exceptional sites open spaces and light. The practice of yoga, and associated with walking , allow us to focus , but also shape the body, and live fully in the moment.