Sidecar on the Kirghiz trails

Duration : 15 Days
Price: From 1750 euros Driver From 1300 euros crew for 15 days
Activity: Side Car
Our Dates and departures:
10 th June au 25 June
1 th July au 15th July
1 th August au 15 th August
18 th August au 1 th Sept

Fiche Technique

Kyrgyzstan small mountainous country played an important role in the history of Central Asia. Its location in the heart of the continent has earned him go see many merchants and caravans that went on the Silk Road.

The country inherited a wild and majestic as you will discover in nature. Only in this splendid environment steppes, high pastures live semi-nomadic Kyrgyz herders around their ger camps.
The tracks lead us to the valley of the Sussamyr in the canyon Kekemeren around Lake Song Kul, the caravasereil Tash Rabat, on the banks of the “pearl of Kyrgyzstan” Issyk Kul …. Petie a video to give you a good overview of this great adventure in the Kyrgyz land!
see the video: