On the roof of the world Kirghiz and Pamir mountains

Duration : 22 Days
Price: From 1 500 euros for 22 days
Our Dates and departures:

Fiche Technique

The first part of the stay is happening in Kyrgyzstan ; From the capital Bishkek Song Kul Lake and at the foot of Lenin Peak 7134 meters. In the mountains , steppes of this small country living nomadic great hospitality with their herds of horses and sheep. The generous earth gives much to those who have settled here .

The second part takes place in the Tajik Pamir , one of the more remote regions . Marco Polo described it as the top of the world with a nature with astonishing contrasts. Here life is austere highlands over 4 000 meters peaks over 6 000 meters. The Pamiris have a hard life in this environment is stunning with turquoise-colored lakes , deserts, mighty rivers , glaciers. The tracks we will lead to Wakhan corridor (an area steeped in history ) , at the foot of beautiful mountains that are Karl Marx and Engels both surrounding the 7 000 meters peaks to return to the fertile plains of the Tajik capital Dushanbe .