On the roof of the world Kirghiz and Pamir mountains

Duration : 22 Days
Price: From 1 500 euros for 22 days
Our Dates and departures:

Fiche Technique

The first part of the stay is happening in Kyrgyzstan ; From the capital Bishkek Song Kul Lake and at the foot of Lenin Peak 7134 meters. In the mountains , steppes of this small country living nomadic great hospitality with their herds of horses and sheep. The generous earth gives much to those who have settled here .

The second part takes place in the Tajik Pamir , one of the more remote regions . Marco Polo described it as the top of the world with a nature with astonishing contrasts. Here life is austere highlands over 4 000 meters peaks over 6 000 meters. The Pamiris have a hard life in this environment is stunning with turquoise-colored lakes , deserts, mighty rivers , glaciers. The tracks we will lead to Wakhan corridor (an area steeped in history ) , at the foot of beautiful mountains that are Karl Marx and Engels both surrounding the 7 000 meters peaks to return to the fertile plains of the Tajik capital Dushanbe .

J1 – Paris – Bishkek
Flight from Paris to Bishkek .

J2 – Bishkek
The green capital of Bishkek Kyrgyzstan with its parks, bazaars welcomes us to this day. One approach scents of Central Asia. Overnight in guest house.

J3 – Bishkek – Kochkorka Song – Kul
We leave the Kyrgyz capital , follow the valley of the Chuy which borders Kazakhstan to the small town of Kochkorka . Meals in a Kyrgyz family whose women make carpets, famous sherdaks . We take the path that leads us to the pearl of the country. Son Kul Lake . Overnight in yurt.
6 hour transfer

J4 – Son Kul Lake
From June to October , men, women, children, relatives large herds of sheep , mares migrate to the highlands , away from the mountains around this beautiful lake .

They lead their lives ( yurt ) they rise accurately. We share a day with the Kyrgyz nomads. Overnight in yurt at the lake .
4:00 Transfer , 3 hours walking , elevation – 400

J5 – Son Kul – Kazarman
We leave Lake Song Kul by the Moldo Ashu pass. Descent to the valley of Naryn to reach the village of Kazarman . Overnight homestay .
7:00 Transfer

J6 – Kazarman – Gulcho
The difficult trail leads us due west green Fergana Valley . There Kyrgyz , Uzbek work in the more fertile land than in the mountains . Overnight homestay . 7:00 Transfer

J7 – Gulcho – Sary Tash – Sary Mogol
Plains behind us, the track goes to the top. Pass nearly 3 700 meters and here we are in the foothills of Lenin Peak 7134 meters with these we ‘ll see if the weather allows us to. We take the opportunity for a nice hike. Overnight in yurt. 3:00 transfer

J8 – Sary Mogol and Peak Lenin
Day of hiking in the surrounding mountains of Lenin Peak . Meeting with Kyrgyz nomads of the region called the Little Pamir . Nights in yurt

J9 – Sary Mogol – Lake Karakul
The Kyzyl Art Pass is 4,336 meters it is the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The legendary Pamir Highway descends slightly to Lake Karakul where we will stage for the night. Landscapes have changed dramatically , the Kyrgyz countryside we arrive in a more austere world, arid highlands . Overnight homestay .
5:00 transfer

J10 – Karakul – Murgab
Pass Ak Baital ( 4 655 meters – the highest pass of the famous Pamir Highway) crossed we descend on Murgab . City stop on the Pamir Highway, this city is populated by Kyrgyz family raising yaks , sheep … night in guest house.
6 hour transfer

J11- Murgab – Yashikoul
The full route from west to reach the heart of the Pamir , after the small village of Alichur we take a path that will lead us to the lake Yashykoul . The majestic scenery becomes : Salt Lakes , deserts, geyser … Night in the village of Bulunkul . 4-5 hours transfer

J12- Yashikoul – Langar
The Wakhan Corridor is the day’s stage . This region has been marked by history and time ” the Great Game “. Where 3 countries ( Tajikistan / Afghanistan / Pakistan are far away as 30 km). The track and various collars we have beautiful views of the mountains and Indukush peaks over 6 000 meters. Overnight in a guest house. 3-4 hours transfer

J13 -14- Langar – Vrang – Ishkashim
We have 2 days to get a taste of the culture of this region pamiri Corridor Wakhan and its history . The valley below the Pamir Tajiks Shakdar and Hindukush and its peaks over 7,000 meters near is a large archaeological wealth , offering splendid landscapes. We visit sites petroglyphs Langar , we go up to the buddhist temple Vrang on pre Zorosastrian sites visit the local museum of Yam philophe Muboraki Vakhoni Ishkashim is the southernmost town of the region, a bridge to switch among Afghan neighbors. Nights in a guest house .

J15 – Ishkashim – Khorog
The Panj River is “our red thread ” to back us to the capital of Gorno Badakhshan , Korogh . Step to Garm Chashma hot springs and its beautiful stalactites. Korogh lies at the confluence of three rivers the Gunt , the Shakh and Panj . The activity is the most important in the region ( bazaar, trade, university … ) . Overnight in guest house. 4:00 transfer

J16 – Khorog – Rubot – Djawshandoz
We go up the river Shakh emerald , throughout the track Pamiris built in the heart of the valley or on rocky peak villages. Meetings with families Pamiris visit their cozy home.  Djawshandoz is more austere , located at the foot of the peaks Karl Marx and Engels 6 723 m 6 507 m only a few battisses , herds of yaks. Overnight in guest house. 4:00 transfer

J17 – Djawshandoz
Day of hiking at the foot of the majestic mountains.  Overnight in guest house.

J18 – Djawshandoz – Korogh
Return transfer Korogh , visit its museum. Overnight in guest house 3h Transfer

J19 -20 – Korogh – Kaili Kum – Dushanbe
A long road sometimes steep in the heart of the rock mass will take us to the Tajik capital Dushanbe . Pamir is behind us, the most fertile plains are more numerous throughout our journey. Transfer 7-8 hours / day

J21 : Spare Day

J22 – Flight return to Europe or Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan more recently opened to tourism and more recently in Adventure Tourism . We work hard to prepare our local teams in this form of tourism that requires a very specific expertise. In advance we ask kindness to them to forgive them some imperfections that you may encounter during your trip . Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan and its people will make you a hundredfold by the authenticity quite exceptional hospitality they will provide you . One is often the counterpart of the other … In addition, the quality of accommodation in a yurt, guest house can be very brief .


Note:  Warning borrowed tracks are in poor condition , can be cut and applied program changes .

Sleeping in guest house , homestay is on mattresses on the floor.
This trip takes place in large part at altitudes between 3,500 and 5,000 meters.
Information about the break :

VISA Tajik
Obtaining your visa is your responsibility.
Visa to Tajikistan + GBAO permit

Embassy and Consulate contact :

Tajik Embassy in Brussels:
16 Boulevard Général Jacques
B-1050 Brussels
Tel : +

Internet: http://www2.taj-emb.be/

To stay , take an air between France (Europe) and Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek ) to go ( Companies: Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic , Aeroflot )

The return can be done in Dushanbe for France (Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic )

On the air , we can help you.

The monetary unit is the som in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Somoni .
You can take notes in euros (or dollars, higher than 1996 cuts) .

The euro is now exchanged at all banks and exchange offices in Bishkek . You can also withdraw cash with your Visa card in Bishkek and Dushanbe .

When it is noon in Paris , it is 16h and 15 h in Bishkek Tajikistan

On arrival in Bishkek , you are greeted by your guide Kyrgyz  for the duration of the trip in Kyrgyzstan and Tajik guide.

Accommodations are in a yurt , homestay and guest house.

Regular international flight company Europe / Bishkek .

Transfers on-site by minibus or OUAZ (Russian mini bus) or jeep. Attention to stay it is important to keep in mind that roads, trails are not in very good condition . Patience is sometimes put , when a road is cut , police checks …

You can recharge your camera batteries and digital camera pictures when you spend a night in a guest house . Make sure you have all the same batteries for not breaking down during treks and bivouacs.

Breakfast served in accommodation , lunch and took pic- cal ” in restaurant ” whenever possible . Diners at the guest house .

Continental tempered by altitude predominantly good weather (dry and hot) summer. Attention wide variation in temperature and weather ( during the stay , even in a day ) . This trip takes place in mountain , it is expected to warm days (20 to 25 degrees ) but pretty cool mountain nights ( can drop to 0 °). Storm and possible rain.

HEALTH  pharmacy
Your guide has a pharmacy first aid . However, it is essential to bring your personal medications: regular medications if during treatment , moisturizing sunscreen, lip balm , pellets or Hydrochlonazone Micropur ( for water) , and élastoplast Tricosteril , scissors, vitamins C, neutral drops, doliprane and / or aspirin, anti-diarrhea and intestinal antiseptic ( immodium , Intetrix ) , healing ointment and local antiseptic, insect repellent , current antibiotic (optional ) second skin to deal with blisters.

Diamox : This trip takes place in large part at altitudes between 3,500 and 5,000 meters.

Also remember to visit your dentist if you have any untreated caries, they have a habit of waking up with altitude.

No compulsory vaccination. Some may be recommended. However, make sure that your vaccines commonly practiced in Western countries (tetanus, diphtheria, polio , typhoid ) are still valid .

The water is not drinkable everywhere , drinking water is provided throughout the trip.

However you need to take tablets for purifying water.


————————————————– ———————————————-Price:

From 1 500 euros

The price includes:
* transport
* Accommodation (bring a fleece blanket or duvet) . Warning accommodations are very basic .
Recovery (except meals in Bishkek / Dushanbe )

 The price does not include:

– Visa fees
– Kyrgyz ( 60 euros on the spot for an entry visa , prices in October 2010 ) .
– Tajik Visa + GBAO permit ( count one month of time to obtain ) . 85 euros
– Meals in Bishkek , Dushanbe
– Air Europe – Kyrgyzstan -Tajikistan ( approximate cost : 700 to 900 euros) .

 Not included:

– Drinks .
– Personal extras.
– Meals in Bishkek , Dushanbe (~ 10 € / meal) .
– Tips .

You can visit the following website to see beautiful pictures on the Tajik Pamirs.


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