Trek in Pamir mountains

Duration : 23 Days
Price: From 1 700 euros for 23 days
Our Dates and departures:

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This journey to the heart of the plant on a mythical Silk Road Asia is a travel adventure exception. It is both a discovery in one of the most remote parts of Central Asia and hiking areas with a superb trek in the Tajik Pamir stay. A trek we could name: the highest lakes in the Pamirs. On our way we will rubbed shoulders ice monsters that are Karl Marx and Engels peaks.

  The High Pamir way we lead then Kyrgyz land. The earth is much more generous than Pamir. In the mountains, steppes of this small country living nomadic great hospitality with their herds of horses and sheep. The foothills of the Pamir Lake Song Kul, we reach the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.

J1 – Europe – Dushanbe
Flight Paris – Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan .

J2 – Dushanbe – Kuliab
Morning arrival in the capital Tajik . Departure to the city of Kuliab located to 200 km from the capital . Visit his mausoleum , its bazaar. Then rest and night in our guest house 4:00 Transfer

J3 – Kuliab – Kalai Khum
We take the road along the Panj River , the natural border with neighboring Afghanistan . On the Afghan side of many villages living in partial self-sufficiency. One way sometimes carved into the cliff provides access to populations. The contrast is striking between the villages we cross ( which are themselves served by our route remake borrowed Chinese and Afghan villages ( served only by the way that only borrow mules ) . Overnight Kalai Khum 6-7 hours transfer

J4 : Kalai Khum – Korogh
We still have 260 km of road or trail to reach the capital of the Pamir . Korogh . The road is still steep and winding but the landscapes are gorgeous. We arrive at Korogh , this oasis in the heart of the mountains. It is located at the confluence of three rivers the Gunt , the Shakh and Panj . Trip to the bazaar, heart activity of the city.

6-7 hours transfer

J5 : Korogh – Rubot
Some shopping at the bazaar, and we take the path along the Shakh emerald river. On the course of Pamiris built in the heart of the valley or on rocky peaks villages. Small oasis in this setting if mineral. Meetings with families Pamiris visit their cozy home. We set up camp near the village of Rubot . 4:00 transfer

J 6 -7 : Rubot – Djawshandoz (Pic Kark Marx – Engels)

Two-day hike to 2 feet of beautiful mountains peaks Karl Marx and Engels 6723 m 6507 m . Purists will remain impressed by these massive 2 snow and ice. Camp altitude 3,900 meters near a barn then in the village of Djawshandoz.  Djawshandoz is more austere , located at 3500 m altitude only a few battisses , herds of yaks. Night in a beautiful guest house pamiri its very specific architecture. Hiking: 6 -7 hours walk

J8 : Djawshandoz – Batchor
Day transfer to the village of Batchor start of our trek . We take a track that rises gradually , reach the famous Pamir Highway which crosses the Pamir from East to West to exit and reach the small village of Batchor starting point of our trek. The trail follows the river Gunt , vertices are in sight. Camp near the village with a dozen houses (altitude 3 200 meters).

J9 -14 : Trek Batchor – Yashykoul Lake
Bags, responsible stewardship of our mules, we set off to conquer the Pamir its arid mountains , its impressive rocky peaks , glaciers peak over 5 500 meters but mostly its turquoise lakes with multiple languages glaciers sometimes throw it. There are nearly 11 lakes that we discover on our itinerary .

The vegetation is almost non-existent anyway we meet some sheep , yaks keep by daring shepherds . Shepherds watching their flocks carefully because if wildlife is easily accessible it remains the main risk herds . These mountains are home to the snow leopards , bears, wolves , ibex Pamiris … The rise in these pastures mid-July before returning in late September and the first snowfall and cold. For here is described as many explorers we are in the Pamir ” top of the world ” and life is tough very tough. The vast expanse of emerald color of the lake water will Yashykoul goal , we reach the sixth day of our trek.

Camp at altitudes between 3,300 meters and 4,200 meters.
6 -7 hours walking on trails and off trail (1-2 hours per day for the first 3 days)
Main difficulty altitude

J15 : Lake Yashykoul – Alichur
Day of exploring landscapes ” lunar ” Lakes turquoise , salted along our trail and even a geyser ! to reach the yurt camp Alichur along the Pamir Highway. Transfer with stops in beautiful sites.

J16 – Alichur – Murgab – Lake Karakul
The Pamir Highway leads us to the highlands of Pamir , vast expanses of icy wind swept land. Once settled families Kyrgyz with their herds of yaks . We cross passes over 4500 meters!
Transfer day

J17 – Karakul Lake – Gulcho
The day will be marked by the passage of the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan . Vegetation on the Kyrgyz side is quite different. Greenery after the past in a purely mineral environment 2 weeks. Overnight homestay Transfer to day

J18 -19: Gulcho – Kazarman – Song Koul
Two track days in the foothills of the Tien Shan to reach Lake Song Kul pearl of Kyrgyzstan . Overnight homestay and yurt near the lake.
Transfer day

J20 -Song Koul
From June to October , men, women, children, relatives large herds of sheep , mares migrate to the highlands , away from the mountains around this beautiful lake .

They lead their lives ( yurt ) they rise accurately. We share a day with Kyrgyz nomads in this Eden so peaceful nature. Overnight in yurt at the lake . Day hiking

J21 : Song Koul – Kochkorka
At midday we crossed the pass Kalmakashu 3 600 meters north of the lake to dive Kochkorka the village where we will spend a little time with women who make rugs felt so colorful . Overnight homestay .

J22 – Kochkorka – Bishkek
Transfer of the green Kyrgyz capital planted at the foot of Tien Shan and its snow-capped peaks around 5000 meters. Visit the bazaar , one of the largest in Central Asia , its parks . Overnight in guest house.

J23 – Return Flightn europe

————————————————– ———————————————-Information :

The trek:
The trek does not require specific technical but require good physical shape. 8 days walk from 5-7 pm at altitudes between 3,000 and 4,500 meters.

Your bags are carried by mules . Provide on bags to avoid damaging your bag. On some part of the trek , walking st delicate (scree ~ 1 h / day for the first 3 days).

Average Elevation: 600 m +

Travel period August-September

Similar to any other trek in the mountain area ( warm down – 10 degrees, walking sticks ….. ) . See equipment list type away on our website in the FAQ section .

In Guest House, Homestay in yurt camp.

Kitchen ” outdoor” prepared by your guides with some meals in the restaurant ( when possible .

A team of local guides speaking english . Guide leader, assistant guide, cooked ( depending on the size of the group) .

Equipment provided by the organization :
Group camping equipment . tent Dishes

Predominance of weather ( hot and dry ) summer nights are cool enough altitude. Cold in altitude in Pamir mountains
(need a sleeping bag comfort – 10 degrees)

Period of stay :
From late June to mid-September

No particular risks, no mandatory vaccinations. Being up to date on vaccinations , do not forget to go for a routine visit to your dentist.

It is imperative to come up with its own pharmacy :

It is essential to bring your personal medications: regular medications if during treatment , moisturizing sunscreen, lip balm , pellets or Hydrochlonazone Micropur ( for water) , and élastoplast Tricosteril , scissors, vitamins C, neutral drops , doliprane and / or aspirin, anti-diarrhea and intestinal antiseptic ( immodium , Intetrix ) , healing ointment local etantiseptique , current antibiotic (optional ) second skin to deal with blisters.

Diamox : This trip takes place in large part at altitudes between 3,500 and 5,000 meters.

Also remember to visit your dentist if you have any untreated caries, they have a habit of waking up with altitude.

Currency: Som and somoni

The euro is accepted very well € 1 = 60 soms

Time difference:
Hours: 4:00 to add the French time for Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to 3:00

Languages ​​: Russian , Kyrgyz , Tajik, Pamiri , dialects

VISA Tajik
Obtaining your visa is your responsibility.
Visa to Tajikistan + GBAO permit

Embassy and Consulate contact :

Tajik Embassy in Brussels:
16 Boulevard Général Jacques
B-1050 Brussels


Travel Insurance

It will be imperative to have travel insurance before leaving French territory. Repatriation insurance. It will be requested upon arrival.

Ultimate Adventure
1 Serova Street , Bishkek
Tel + 996 312 67 11 83


From 1700 euros
The prices include:

* The organization of living
* Transportation throughout the stay
* The restoration throughout the stay (except meals in Bishkek and Dushanbe ) .
* Accommodation throughout the stay ( Guest House, Homestay, yurt, tent camps )
* Camping equipment
* Supervision by Kyrgyz speaking guides, Tajikistan .
* Permit ecological zone

Prices do not include:

* Drinks and extra staff,
* Visa fees
* Meals in Bishkek , Dushanbe .
* Local Tips team
* All activities not mentioned in the program
* Travel insurance – repatriation

 between France (Europe) and Tajikistan ( Dushanbe ) to go ( company : Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic )

The return can be done in Bishkek for Europe (Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic )

On the air , we can help you.
You can visit the following website to see beautiful pictures on the Tajik Pamirs.