Trek in Nomand's land

Duration : 16 Days
Price: From 900 eurs for 16 days
Our Dates and departures:
3 th June au 18 Th June
17 th june au 2 th july
30 th June au 16 th july
8 th july au 23 th july
3 th sept au 18 th sept

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Southeast of Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, extend Tien Shan mountains still wild and little frequented.

We propose a route to discover the route taken by the Kyrgyz nomads and their herds who go for the summer at Lake Son Koul, considered the heart of the country and one of the pearls of this small republic. Pastures that surround it are, according nomads, the best in the country. The impressive number of yurts attests. This is mostly a haven of peace and splendid beauty.Trek in Nomads Land
To reach this paradise and share moments of nomadic life, we must trace the valleys and mountain passes to cross almost 4 000 meters.

J1 /  Europe – Bishkek :
Departure from France in the afternoon , overnight on board.

J2 / Bishkek
Arrival in Bishkek in the morning into the night. Transfer in our guest house and rest to recover from the flight and jet lag. In the afternoon, visit the capital planted at the edge of the Kazakh steppe (800 m) at the foot of mountain peaks at almost 5 000 meters. Strolling along the large shaded streets , we discover its monuments, museums , opera, Presidential Palace … Copy of the monuments of the Russian capital Moscow. We will take a step in the main bazaar , a meeting point for all peoples of Central Asia, central asia feeling . Night in our guest house.

J3- Bishkek – Valley Shamsy :
Transfer Shamsy Valley . Two hours of walking we reached the valley Shamsy , there meal with a Kyrgyz family. We have the right to Koumis ( drink popular with nomads is milk fermented mare slightly ) . Overnight in tents or yurts.

Walk : 4-5 pm D:
600 + / – 500 m

 J4- Valley Shamsy
We ascend the valley Shamsy which hosts steep hills and plateaus. After 3 hours of trekking we set up camp at the foot of the pass Shamsy . (step 6-7 hours)
+ 1290 m

J5 / Shamsy Pass ( 3 570 meters) – Jailoo of SarlySaz
If the first part of our ascent to the pass is easy, the second and last part is steep and stony . The vegetation is almost nonexistent. Only Edelweiss resist this mountain environment. From the pass , overlooking the foothills of different Song Koul Lake ( peaks over 4 400 meters), Valley Kochkorka south . Descent full neck south to Shamsy Kochkor valley . The valley is fast becoming a beautiful gorge . At the heart of the gorge a yurt camp where we will settle for 2 nights to come ( step 7-8 hours)
D: + 800 / D: – 830 m

 J6 / Jailoo of SarlySaz – Karakol River
This rest day allows us to share the life of nomads. Our local guide explains the installation of the yurt, nomadic customs , making Koumis of Kaimak …. For those who wish to horse ride or hike around the camp .

 J7 / The Boutchouc pass ( 3 400 meters):
The crossing of the pass is much easier than the previous . Only the heat of the region can come constrain our growth . If in this area , the vegetation is green in spring and early summer it quickly becomes sunburned at the end of July. We reach the river to our camp Soeik (step 7-8 hours ) 
1010 + / – 860 m

 J8 / Massif Sandyk :
Day of rest in this mountain where nomadic families pitched their camp. We will meet families , the Kyrgyz nomadic culture.

 J9 / Valley Jumgal
We cross the massive Sandyk , wtrekk along the river for Saryk pass ( 3 540 meters). The vertices of Song Kul are now very close. Descent to the valley Jailoo Jumgal , another region where grazing installed nomads. ( 7-8 hours walking ) .
1140 + / – 1020 m

 J10 / Valley Jumgal – Kilemche
We cross the track Chaek Korchkor – , east-west road at the pass Kyz -Art ( 2 664 meters). Throughout our day we cross the pass Tcharatcha ( 2,900 m). Crossing the massive Kilemche camp at the foot of the Col de Tuiz Achou 2 500 m. ( 6-7 hours walking ) .D:
830 + / – 980 m

J11 / Song Kul ( 3,100 meters):
Crossing cervical Tuiz Achou ( 3 225 m) and descend on the shores of Lake Son- Kul , considered the heart of Kyrgyzstan and listed as the main natural reserve in the country . Nature is unspoiled and beautiful . Only the scream of the eagle can interrupt the tranquility here . Camp on the north shore of the lake. (  4 to 5 hours walk).
800 + / – 300 m

J12 / Song Koul :
Free day at the lake. Possibility of horse riding on the ridges overlooking the lake. We observe the work of the nomads and the return of horses and sheep in the evening to the corral. Because if this area is peaceful , only many wolves affect the lives of nomads. Camp at the same place as before. Opportunity to trek up to the pass Kalmakashu .

 J13 / Song Kul – Issyk Kul – Kochkorka :
Transfer by vehicle to the village of Kochkorka . Visit the bazaar , the women’s cooperative ( making sherdak ) . Then we reach the lake Issyk Kul via Canyon Ak Say. Night at Lake Issyk Koul.

J14 / Issyk Koul
Day at the lake . Swimming , hiking in the canyons … Camp identical to yesterday.

 J15 : Issyk Kul – Bishkek
Drive to the Chuy valley . We stop near Tokmok to get to the Burana tower , a relic dating from the eleventh century. Check our Guest house in Bishkek in mid afternoon . Overnight in Guest house

J16 / Flight Bishkek – Europe

Note: schedules steps are indicative .

Information :

The hikes are not technical but require good physical shape. 9 days walk from 6-9 pm, at altitudes between 2,500 and 3,800 meters.

Similar to any other trek in the mountain area ( warm down – 10 degrees ….. )

To know that some areas of our stay are uncrowded . You should know sometimes adapt to weather hazards etc. . That step can be changed by the guide if necessary .

In Guest House or small hotel for past Bishkek , tent (2 places) and yurts nights if possible .

Kitchen ” outdoor” prepared by your guides with some meals in the restaurant ( in Bishkek , Naryn , Kochkor ) .

A team of local guides speaking French . Guide leader, assistant guide, cooked ( depending on the size of the group) .
Watch out for this trip the weight of bag ( not case ) must not exceed 15 kg.

Equipment provided by the organization :
Group camping equipment .
Tent 2 places + mattress

Predominance of weather ( hot and dry ) summer nights are cool enough altitude
(Need a sleeping bag comfort – 10 degrees)

Period of stay :
From mid-June to mid-October

No particular risks, no mandatory vaccinations. Being up to date on vaccinations , do not forget to go for a routine visit to your dentist.

Currency: som (about $ 1 USD = 40 som ) ;
The euro is accepted very well € 1 = 60 soms

Time difference:
Hours: 4:00 to add the French time .

Languages ​​: Russian , Kyrgyz , the Turkic languages ​​of Central Asia

To get in Kyrgyzstan must have a valid passport ( valid 6 months after the date of return).

Travel Insurance It will be imperative to have travel insurance before leaving europeterritory. Repatriation insurance.


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From 900 euros
A la carte:

Request a quote based on the number of people and departure dates you want.

The prices include:

* The organization of living
* Transportation throughout the stay
* The restoration throughout the stay (except meals in Bishkek ) .
* Accommodation throughout the stay
* Camping equipment
* Supervision by Kyrgyz speaking guides.
* Permit ecological zone

Prices do not include:

* Drinks and extra staff,
* Meals in Bishkek .
* Local Tips team
* All activities not mentioned in the program
* Travel insurance – repatriation

Opportunity to go to Bishkek ( capital of Kyrgyzstan ) by
– Aeroflot , British Airways, Turkish Airlines
– Cost of air between 600 and 800 €

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