To the origin of apple

Duration : 15 Days
Price: 1 350 euros Base 10 people for 15 days
Activity: Discovery
Our Dates and departures:
13 th sept - 27 sept
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Kyrgyzstan small mountainous country played an important role in the history of Central Asia. Its location in the heart of the continent has earned him go see many merchants and caravans that went on the Silk Road .

The driver of this trip is over Apple and its origins … the Botanical garden of the capital Bishkek , we leave for the south shore of Lake Issyk Kul and its many apple orchards and other fruits. Then we cross the country to get us in the forests of Arslanbob and finally end the apple festival  Ouzgen where we share our knowledge with local populations. Local experts will mentor us to provide maximum information on this rich heritage.

But the country has also inherited a wild and majestic as you will discover in nature. Only in this splendid environment steppes, high pastures live semi-nomadic Kyrgyz herders around their ger camps . Their home will remain a highlight of the trip as well as walking in the valley of the Sussamyr around Lake Song Kul , on the banks of the “pearl of Kyrgyzstan ” Issyk Kul

Day1 :  Vol Europe – Bishkek
J2 :  
Bishkek Arrival
Check on capital Bishkek Kyrgyzstan . The morning is devoted to visiting the botanical garden created in 1938 by Bishkek Garieev . Igor Vassilivitch Academy of Sciences will we discover the richness of the garden, both in terms of wild apple trees and different varieties introduced and domesticated in Kyrgyzstan since the beginning of the 20th century. Then explore Bishkek , stroll through the bazaars ( Central Asia scents ) , the city parks and monuments copies of those of the Russian capital Moscow … A city more enjoyable planted at the foot of Tien Shan mountains whose peaks are nearby. Night in our Guest House or small hotel.

J3 :  Bishkek – Issyk Kul
Departure for the north shore of Lake Issyk Kul , the second largest mountain lake in the world. We take the broad valley of the Chuy for up to Lake Issyk Kul , the second largest mountain lake in the world. On the way visit apple orchards abandoned Kemin in guest house in Cholpon Ata .

J4- 06.05 :  South Shore of Lake Issyk Kul
Departure for the south shore of Lake Issyk Kul. Stop in Karakol , visit his orthodox church bazaar … In the south , we travel orchards of apples , apricots, pears financial resources for local populations. Our journey will take between valleys and Barskoon Tosor . Raya … ( specialist grafting and encyclopedia apple Kyrgyzstan ) will be our guide throughout this discovery. Nights homestay in the village of Tamga on the lake.

J7- 8:  Kochkorka – Song Kul
We leave the lake Issyk Kul to the small town of Kochkorka . Mounted on the lake Son Kul and pastures . Kyrgyz nomads are mounted with their herds of mares , sheep for the summer . Pastoral life in full swing in this idyllic setting . Meeting with nomadic families , small hiking … Nights yurt

J9 :  Song Kul Lake – Kyzyl OY
Encounters with nomadic families , small hiking … We leave nomads Song Kul for Jumgal Valley and Canyon Kokomeren . Landscapes differ from those of Song Kul arid cliffs overlooking the ocher powerful river Kokomeren . Overnight homestay

J -10:  Togtogul
A day’s drive in high mountain valleys , neck passage nearly 4,000 meters to dive in the area Togtogul . Overnight in guest house beside the river Tchican

J11 -12- 13: Arslambob
Transfer to the village of Arslambob perched in the mountains of the Fergana. Spent in these beautiful forests original apple and walnut highlight of our trip days. We will be assisted by specialists arborists ( Kouliev Arslambek , Kadirbek and Rahin ) who are familiar with this area Arslambob Koch Terek , Gum Rana, Ak Terek where one identifies species such as Malus sieversii , Malus Kirghizou Sorum , and Malus Niedzwetzky …

Transfer Ouzgen . Nights Homestay

J14 : 20 th sept Festival of the apple ( scheduled September 20 )
This year 2014, the Apple Festival takes place in the city of Ouzgen south of the country. Different activities are offered roundtable. Sharing experience … shows … apples out late in the day on Osh . Overnight homestay .

J15 :  Return flight to Bishkek to Osh

J16 :  Return Flight Europe

 Information :

This trip alternates discovery of the country , its traditions … and to thread the discovery of original apple forests , orchards … Especially in the south of the country where there are still forests. Discovery will be made with the support and guidance of local experts.

Transfers :
usually limited to less than 5-6 hours away.

In Guest House or small hotel for past Bishkek , homestay nights in a yurt

Catering: Food
” outdoor” prepared by your guides and restaurant meals in the villages.

 A team of local guides speaking French . Guide leader, assistant guide. Specialists apple on the sites visited / Igor responsible Botanical Garden Bishkek , agronomists and Shaimkoulov Sheribay Djoldoshov Ashiraly )

To get in Kyrgyzstan must have a valid passport ( valid 6 months after the date of return).

Personal equipment:
similar to that of another trip in mountains region, its own pharmacy. Upon registration , you will specify your equipment.

It will be imperative to have travel insurance before leaving French territory. Repatriation insurance.

Predominance of weather ( hot and dry ) summer nights are cool altitude in September

Period of travel:
This specific apple stay is scheduled in September

Health: No particular risks, no mandatory vaccinations. Being up to date on vaccinations , do not forget to go for a routine visit to your dentist.

Currency: som (about $ 1 USD = 47 som )
The euro is very well accepted € 1 = 60 soms

Time difference:
Hours: 4:00 add to French time .

Languages ​​: Russian , Kyrgyz , the Turkic languages ​​of Central Asia

1250 euros  Base 10 people

The prices include:

* The organization of living
* Transportation throughout the stay
* The restoration throughout the stay (except meals in Bishkek ) .
* Accommodation throughout the stay
* Supervision by francophones escorts ( English see if opportunities germaphones ) and Kyrgyz specialists apple ( Igor responsible Botanical Garden Bishkek , agronomists and Shaimkoulov Sheribay Djoldoshov Ashiraly )
* Permit ecological zone
* Domestic flight Osh Bishkek

Prices do not include:

* Drinks and extra personal
* Meals in Bishkek ( count 10 euros / meal)
* For those wishing to bring back some memories ( count ~ 100 € ) .
* Local Tips team
* Air France – Kyrgyzstan

Payment: 40% deposit is / € 875 balance to be paid by transfer or on arrival in Bishkek

 Ultimate Adventure:
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 Stéphane Aubree
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