Between Kirghiz Alatoo and Son Koul

Duration : 16 Days
Price: from 1 150 euros for 16 days
Our Dates and departures:

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An exclusive trek to join an exceptional site, Lake Song Kul trek. Beautiful reserve where the Kyrgyz nomads settle their yurt camps for the summer. Herds of mares, sheep, yaks are part of the decor.

To reach it, we  ll hike 10 days during which we will cross the Kyrgyz-Alatoo mountains whose peaks are around 5 000 meters and many other small chains lower but equally attractive in their variety of wild mountain landscape.
The moments spent with Kyrgyz nomads, sharing their daily life will be part of our trek. 

J1 / Departure Europe – Bishkek
Departure from Paris in the afternoon , overnight on board

J2 / Bishkek
Arrival in Bishkek in the morning. Transfer in our guest house and rest to recover from the flight and jet lag. In the afternoon, visit the capital planted at the edge of the Kazakh steppe (800 m) at the foot of mountain peaks at almost 5 000 meters. Strolling along the large shaded streets , we discover its monuments, museums , opera, Presidential Palace … Copy of the monuments of the Russian capital Moscow. We will take a step in the main bazaar , a meeting point for all peoples of Central Asia . Night in our guest house.

J3 / Bishkek – Village Tatir
Transfer to the village of Tatir ( 1550 m) located south 1 hour drive and track Bishkek . We leave our vehicle , walk to reach the col 1,980 m will allow us to go down to the valley of Chon Kurt Chak . Behind us , the Chuy valley , off Kazakhstan . Descent to our camp between forests and pastures .
Walk: 4:00
Elevation: 600 m

J4- 5 / Valley Alamedin
During these two days we will move to the heart of the valley Alamedin . A beautiful valley where a river of the same name flows . We walk through forests and plateaus or herds of mares and sheep spend the summer .
Above, glaciers , granite cliffs , snow-capped peaks of the snow leopard territory ( area where you can still find these beautiful felines ) Marco Polo ( the sheep of Central Asia) ….
J5 morning we turn left to get closer to Alamedin pass ( 3 920 m). With altitude , trekking becomes more difficult. Around us glaciers, peaks over 4 500 meters. After several hours of walking , horses are required to stop. The land too hilly does not allow them to continue . We take our bags and reach the foot of the glacier ( about 1 hour walk glacier ), the slope is steeper the last hundred meters are felt.
Reached the pass , a beautiful 360 ° panorama awaits us. Difficult descent (scree ) at first , then nice to reach the valley . Meeting with nomads who settled in these high valleys for 4-5 months with their herds.

J4 : Trekk 7 h  Elevation: 900 m + / ​​- 500 m
J5 : Trekk 8 h  Elevation: 1,100 m + / ​​- 750 m

J6- 7 / Karakol Valley – Seeuk
Passes over 3,700 m high valleys are on the program these days. The environment is therefore wilder. We move from valleys to valleys, rivers are taking ….. We are in the territory of the wolf …
The last pass 3780 m , we see the distant valley Jumgall . A steep descent allows us to reach a small lake where gather herds of wild horses. Downstream, the nomadic life is present. Kyrgyz horse spends his day to match his flock and predators but it does not fail to give us a bowl Koumis ( fermented mare’s milk ) … We camp at the foot of beautiful cliffs .J6 :
Walk : 7-8 pm
Elevation: 1,150 m + / ​​- 950 m

J7 :
On: 7 h
Elevation: 900 m + / ​​- 400 m

J8 / Lake Sary Koul
Today the goal is to reach the lake Sary Koul 3 350 m. We reach midday which will then allow us to enjoy a good afternoon rest . Uphill walk around the lake for those who wish …. An ideal place for peaceful meditation.
Walk: 3-4 pm
Elevation: 450 m + / ​​- 250 m

J9 / Lake – Tash Beubeu valley – Kyz Art
We leave this superb environment for the baby Tash valley where the Kyrgyz nomads have pitched their yurt camp upstream firm kolkoziennes abandoned .
On: 7 h
Elevation: 650 m + / ​​- 700 m

J10 / Valley Jumgal – Song Kul
We cross the road from the village of Chaek than Korchkor , east-west road at the pass Kyz -Art ( 2 664 meters). During this day , we cross the pass Tcharatcha ( 2,900 m) , the massive Kilemche . Camp at the foot of the Col de Tuiz Achou to 2600 m).
On: 7 h
Elevation: 650 m + / ​​- 700 m

J11/J12:  Song Kul ( 3,000 meters)
Crossing cervical Tuy Achou ( 3225 m ) and descent on the shores of Lake Song- Kul where around small white dots like mushrooms of Paris dotting the green pastures. These are the ger camps . Song Kul is considered the heart of Kyrgyzstan and listed as the main natural reserve in the country but also by the shepherds of all the surrounding areas as a place where the grass is excellent. Nature is unspoiled and beautiful . Only the scream of the eagle can interrupt the tranquility here . Throughout the descent , meeting nomadic camp on the north shore of the lake.

Operating: 5 h
Elevation: 600 m + / ​​- 250 m

J13 / Song Kul – Issyk Koul
Transfer vehicle for Kochkorka village where we have lunch and visit a women who produce local handicrafts ( sherdak : felt carpet and other products … ) .
We hit the road for the pearl of Kyrgyzstan : Issyk Kul veritable sea amidst mountain ranges. This lake located at 1600 meters altitude is the second largest mountain lake in the world after Lake Titicaca (Peru – Bolivia) . 180 km long and 60 wide and 700 meters deep! Camp on the south shore of the lake.

J14 / Issyk Kul – Bishkek
Back to the Kyrgyz capital , arrived at our guest house in Bishkek in mid afternoon . Free time for last minute shopping .

J15 :  Spare Day depending on the weather and advanced participants

J16 / Bishkek – Europe

Information :

The hikes are not technical but require good physical shape. 10 days walk from 6-9 pm, at altitudes between 2,500 and 4,000 meters.

Be careful walking J5 is off-trail ( tricky descent into a scree ) and the need to carry her bag (with its material and down, warm clothing ) because horses can not cross Alamedin password .
Other days , the bags will be transported by horse and vehicle.

Average Elevation: 600-800 m +

Similar to any other trek in the mountain area ( warm down – 10 degrees, walking sticks ….. )

To know that some areas of our stay are uncrowded . You should know sometimes adapt to weather hazards etc. . That step can be changed by the guide if necessary .

In Guest House or small hotel for past Bishkek , nights in tents.

Kitchen ” outdoor” prepared by your guides with some meals in the restaurant ( in Bishkek , Kochkor ) . Tent mass.

A team of local guides speaking French . Guide leader, assistant guide, cooked ( depending on the size of the group) .

Equipment provided by the organization :
Group camping equipment .
Tent + mattress

Predominance of weather ( hot and dry ) summer nights are cool enough altitude
(Need a sleeping bag comfort – 10 degrees)

Period of stay :
From late June to mid-September

No particular risks, no mandatory vaccinations. Being up to date on vaccinations , do not forget to go for a routine visit to your dentist.

Currency: som (about $ 1 USD = 40 som ) ;
The euro is accepted very well € 1 = 60 soms

Time difference:
Hours: 4:00 to add the French time .

Languages ​​: Russian , Kyrgyz , the Turkic languages ​​of Central Asia

To get in Kyrgyzstan must have a valid passport ( valid 6 months after the date of return).

Travel Insurance
It will be imperative to have travel insurance before leaving French territory. Repatriation insurance.


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Trek Magazine June 2003 ( 10 pages)
Book Expé No5 Dec- Jan 2005
Trek Mag June 2006-10-30
Terre Sauvage March 2006
Great News September 2006
Roadbook December 2008

From 1150 euros

 The prices include:

* The organization of living
* Transportation throughout the stay
* The restoration throughout the stay (except meals in Bishkek ) .
* Accommodation throughout the stay ( Guest House, camp tent )
* Camping equipment
* Supervision by Kyrgyz speaking guides.
* Permit ecological zone

Prices do not include:

* Drinks and extra staff,
* Meals in Bishkek .
* Local Tips team
* All activities not mentioned in the program
* Travel insurance – repatriation

Opportunity to go to Bishkek ( capital of Kyrgyzstan ) by
– Aeroflot , British Airways, Turkish Airlines
– Cost of air between 500 and 700 €

Ultimate Adventure:
1 Serova Street , Bishkek
Te: + 996 312 67 11 83